March Rebuild Site

It is through dedication and passion from personal experiences from September 11, 2001. As editor and founder of Fire and Aviation TV being at ground zero the day before. Having to fly back to Florida that night to work at a major airport the next morning September 11. Along with being in the fire service these two bring dedication and passion. To serve and protect although not in the military but stateside protecting.

First responders do what they so because its something personal and a passion that can’t be explained just by typing.

From training sessions to being on the job doing what you’re trained to do comes the true belief in doing what you love. This goes for the medical field; all doctors and nurses do this with honor and passion to help people.

This site will be rebuilt with fresh content in March 2024 as we took down all the old stuff. A new design in the process with informative and some educational help. We love to learn from others where in this world today anything can happen. In a forever changing world, it is different than it was 23 years ago.

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