Reflection on Years Previous at FDIC

We begin by showing you some of the years gone by in attendance of FDIC. This year is right around the corner at Indianapolis April 15 to 20 2024. Below we enclose a few of the many pictures we have taken over the years. We cannot even begin to share all the pictures at this time. Ober a period we will share some with you and the manufacturers too that build the essential and great Fire Trucks and equipment to serve and protect our communities.

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Valentines Day we share the love to all manufacturers that make fire apparatus. Fire and Aviation TV and our fire division will return at the end of this week to continue building our site with all of you in mind

Welcome to Fire Apparatus February 2024. We have a lot to cover so, like building a new Fire Truck it takes time.  We are not going to take as long as it does for building a Fire apparatus.

We start off with sharing a few manufacturers which are essential and a choice you as a Fire Department have. This comes from experience as editor of this site a former line officer and years on Truck committee for a Fire Department. Bigger departments have more recourses and bigger budgets. We will show you in this page no matter how big or small your fire department.


E-One Fire Trucks

Celebrating fifty years of making Fire Trucks is E One manufacturer. This company was founded in 1974. Fire and Aviation TV founder has had a lot of interaction. with manufacturers over the years and proudly making a decision of E-One being that a supplier to a Fire Department.

Video Courtesy E-One

From pumpers mid mount to ladder companies with others it has been pleasure working with them and learning from other departments who graciously let us be involved. It’s been a few years and out of touch with them but let 2024 be a great year as they celebrate 50 years.

A great order and selection that being E One purchased by Escambia County Fire Rescue, Video above shows you the Metro 100 Quint. Ladder 12 will be responding in Florida with Escambia County Fire Rescue. In addition, two Engines were purchased and lined up ready for delivery.

Courtesy E One

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV February 14, 2024.

As there are many manufacturers, we can show you gradually each Fire apparatus company. We will try and keep it as simplified as possible. Having experienced for years on a truck committee it was an honor and first started out by attending our first expo in San Diego years ago.

Over the years, like anything the coat to build has increased over the years and for many it’s once in a lifetime to purchase a new piece of fire apparatus. More so for smaller fire departments and Volunteer fire departments.


Sutphen Corportation

A family owned and operated business with many years of pride that builds Fire Trucks and so much more. For us it became a love that began to grow with this manufacturer. Earlier designs in the early 2000’s were not our favorite but as years moved on the love grew founder.

Orlando Fire rescue has for years operated and owned Sutphen Fire Trucks where we were first introduced years ago before purchasing a truck. The customer service is second to none and now highly recommended. Below is a picture from Twelve Years ago when were given the full introduction and tour.

Courtesy Fire and Aviation TV

Courtesy Sutphen Corporation and Abilene Fire Department

Abilene Fire Department Texas are the proud owners of a new SP100 Ladder Truck from Sutphen Corporation,

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV February 14, 2024