Fire Station and Our Company

Many times, on fire coms you here engine company or other apparatus call station. This way dispatch would know your in quarters. No matter what you want to call it has always been since horse drawn carriage been known as, Fire Station. Many of us have opinions and we agree quarters is something used by many including ourselves for years. Although for argument’s sake Fire and Aviation / FD and Rescue is calling it Fire Station.

As many cities, states, and municipalities have the masks mandate being dropped many in fire service as still making masks mandatory out on calls. Others are not but regardless making the fire station safe is a must. Not just masks but update to facilities housing firefighters and equipment is essential.

From growth and old stations there are many that need to update with new facilities. This is where Fire and Aviation along with this website come together for you. We provide some services which are essential due the future of your fire service, and station. As analyst and consultant our experience can bring your cities department into the future with positive results for growth.

We will be rebuilding this site in the months to come and continue day to day operations during each week. Our company offers services to your cities fire department with fire and rescue support. This is for serving your community for years to come. Whether it’s the city population expanding or an overhaul of your department, even changes needed we are here for you.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 07/12/21