Many of us in the fire service call dispatch on arrival back to the station and call engine (number) quarters. Many others still to this day use ten codes including FDNY.

Over the years we all have made changes and so have fire departments depending on the budgets. Overhaul and upgrades including new Fire stations are needed. Communities and cities that grow will find themselves looking for additional fire stations.

Fire and Aviation TV is excited this summer 2024 to bring you a new chapter of FD and Rescue website. Many great cities find themselves rebuilding, modeling, and upgrading. Some will also add new Fire Stations due to growth. Sometimes there will be rebuilding onto an existing fire station and we call it expansion.

One other reason is that new stations are built due to weather or other related issues that have caused damage. During the spring season over the years even fire departments are not exempt from Tornadoes or hurricanes. One thing we all need to be aware of is climate change and this summer 2024 it will be an active hurricane season more than last few years. Tornadoes already have caused destruction and sadly some lost lives even as recent as the early days spring day of March and April 2024. This is why we began building this Fire Station page.

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