Welcome to FD and Rescue.Com

We begin our site after a 2-year absence. Our site was up from 2008 until 2016 and is returning with all new look. From all our previous relationships in the fire service we thank you. From our previous fire service given to communities it was a pleasure. As we begin a new chapter in our lives.

This site starting May 21, 2018 is currently under construction and will be for a month. Launch date and further details will emerge as we gather all our content from recent convention and our sister company. We are excited to be back and well overdue. Can’t wait for the new look and future events and projects. As we provide all the content even though we own the rights to many pictures they will show courtesy of Fire and Aviation TV. All content and pictures will be for our site FD and Rescue.Com Other content that will be added all credits will be given Courtesy of whom ever it is.

FD and Rescue.Com 05/21/18