Social Media and Medical

September Start Back New Generation

Medical field is essential in this world no matter what. As we human being are alive today on this planet from past present and future will always require medical need at some point and time.

Social Media and remote learning in classes and video chat have gone virtual more in the last six months than in decades ever imagined. FD and Rescue.Com is not there yet. Were a starting this September 2020 by coming back first. AS we move forward updates will be encouraged and implemented in time. Therefore, starting this month, we introduce you all to some new chapters and pages in our company Fire and Aviation TV.


AMR American Medical Response

Courtesy AMR

We begin by sharing this video courtesy and from AMR American Medical Response of whom we have had many past years of great experience working side by side on a fire department. The video is a little older but it gets the point across.

Editorial By Fire and Aviation TV 09/04/20