Memory Lane

September 11 2001 9/11 We Will Never Forget

The day is as fresh in the mind as ever. Cannot believe is been 18 years since this unimaginable event that stands out forever. Last year December 2018 as editor and being a firefighter a return trip back to my old state. New York the greatest the best and always the most exciting loveable city in the world. Having spent many younger years upstate a trip to the city was always the best even to this day.

Unfortunately, time moves on and changes occur we must move forward. We NEVER forget as this is personal for me the editor. Being there the day before 9/11 (September 10, 2001) it tugs at the heart. As the years move on there are not as many cities that have 9/11 ceremonies, and this saddens me. Many years in South Florida all departments got together and even this year still do. We applaud everyone that salutes this day in history forever. We find though not as many with the ceremonies as the early years and we ask ourselves why. With this said its time to reflect on the 18-year anniversary of 9/11 . God give us the strength and remember those that gave, and others gave all God Bless all.

Over the years we have served and pictures from those years let us share a few with others to be added as time moves forward. Please give a moment of silence to remember. In addition there is one great cause you can share and visit we did and would do again .

Source FDANDRESCUE.COM 09/05/19