Conventions and Events

Where to begin is the question I asked myself back in October 2007 as to what convention to attend to look and new fire apparatus? At the time I already had several years in the fire service when the Fire Chief at the time said take a look and some of the apparatus available today. So, Firehouse in the early part of 2008 in San Diego was my first convention in the fire service. Not authorized to do anything official at the time even though my travel expenses were covered gave me (Editor) a rush like anyone else in the fire service knows what I’m talking about.

This was the start of a very interesting new avenue too for me. Later that year 2008 created a site Ran with that up until 2016 for which became too time consuming due to business and fire service. Well September 2019 were back and even attended conventions from time to time over the years just not consistently. This changes thing now were back and so much has changed in technology and even the world we live in today.

Fire service like many other industries have had challenges like no other. This is where we come in and change along with it. Preferably get ahead of the changes too. Furthermore, budgets for most cities are tight and this too affects a fire department. One thing that has to be realized fire prevention and protection is essential services. When you attend a convention always consider appreciate that opportunity as many do not get to attend courtesy of the fire departments. Over the years we have met many who attend just be spending their own money. With that said many hotels at major cities and conventions are not cheap. We do just the same when it comes to attending the conventions. See our new You Tube Channel on behalf of Fire and Aviation TV

Source Fire and Aviation TV / For 10/10/19