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New Decade Begins

Welcome to 2020 where history is full of stories and we learn from history. Many years have passed since we began and many others started in the fire service. There is a tradition that will never change however as a new decade begins many more changes are coming. A younger generation and new thinking with technology advancing in the fire service. Yes medical without a doubt changes more than fire but the fire service itself will see many changes over the next ten years in this decade.

Apparatus from small brush trucks to full scale rescue and hazmat units will cost more than ever to equip along with the technology installed. We encourage cities and municipalities to increase your budgets as the next ten years is going to be challenging. some cities across the country have seen an major increase in populations and demographics encourage more fire and rescue services. Both economically and environmental demands have put many fire departments around the country serve street. Worldwide too with recent epidemic proportions in Australia have changes that country forever. The heartbreaking devastation of wildlife alone has many wondering why. Now it is more than ever a time to change and look at the next decade without dictating politics over protection.

Our strong feeling and many others feel that Cancer is primarily the main cause for deaths in the fire service. From those who worked 9/11 in 2001 and survived that day who continued to search among the rubble for survivors suffer from many health concerns including cancer. As editor of this site and a firefighter of recent past it’s personal too as recently lost a few close firefighters to cancer. We have began a program to educate and help those in the future call CCCP program.

Last but not least marine units among with ARFF and aerial firefighting should never be forgotten in any budget. The demographics alone needs qualified people to educate those in need. Training is a ultimate must and needs to be diverse and more aggressive that of the earlier days. Many departments get this and do what they can with what apparatus and budgets they have. We salute and thank you from this point on we are hear for you an a voice to be heard for many departments around the country. This decade and beginning this year 2020 is a start of so much more.

Source Fire and Aviation TV / 01/27/20

Clean Cab Cancer Prevention Program

CCCP Program is something we began sharing for the Fire and Rescue community from Fire and Aviation TV. Far too many years have gone by where firefighters have been notified they have cancer. It is the number 1 cause for deaths in the fire rescue service today. For many it’s personal in many ways. We are here to educate your department and cities with due time to showcase various apparatus of Clean Cab Concept.

Many departments have noticed this very serious situation for which we applaud and thank them for taking necessary action. In 2019 we have noticed more manufacturers paying greater attention buy showcasing the clean cab designs. We have already begun our campaign to bring this to the attention of everyone. Your station house is the first thing that should be cancer clean and free. . There are older stations that might have asbestos and still operate today. Recent findings will get your station shut down or at least temporarily moved. Treatment of any mold and removal of asbestos is necessary. Is your station need of attention if so were here to assist you with the powers to be. (We have not duplicated anyone’s program or concept with this name)

Source Fire and Aviation TV

Fire Trucks and Apparatus

Recent years we have seen a merge and consolidation of companies under manufacturers that make them the giants of fire and rescue they are today. As we approach 2020 we are no longer in the teens this is about to be a whole new generation of fire apparatus and technology. Coming together we find ourselves slowly but surely around a new generation of medics and firefighters.

New generation 2020 is a brand-new chapter and the conventions to show where we are going from many manufacturers. EVG known as Emergency Vehicle Group has become a major contributor in the fire and rescue service beginning with Crimson Fire to McCoy Miller, Lifeline and Road Rescue, and Spartan ERV. We will share and guide you along with many other companies.

Classic lines to new modern looks you never forget chrome. Spit and polish are still the way it should be done then again, we do not recommend if your department or other authorities might recommend not to do. Seagrave Fire Apparatus a true beauty of fire trucks. E-One whom names many and grouped up with other companies to beef up their role in the industry. KME Fire Apparatus, Ferrara Fire Apparatus. Toyne Fire Trucks, Pierce Manufacturing, Sutphen, Rosenbauer America, Smeal Fire Trucks Apparatus, HME Aherns – Fox, Hackney Emergency Vehicles, Midwest Fire, Darley Apparatus, and any other we may have not mentioned.

We begin sharing and showcase many of those above. We will also bring you trucks from the past that still can be purchased from various companies. Fire and Aviation TV proudly present to you many trucks and various apparatus where in the beginning 2020 we can possibly guide you in the right direction for a fee. Fire trucks are our specialty and from years of experience we will bring ourselves up to speed to new apparatus being sold in 2020 with conventions. Does your department need a used Fire Truck? Starting the New Year forward this is one service we offer among many see us at Fire and Aviation TV, Serious inquires and contracts only apply.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 11/20/19

Acquisition FD and Rescue Website

Courtesy Fire and Aviation TV

The final acquisition stage for this website has been completed today November 18, 2019. Now completely owned by Fire and Aviation TV gives you a safe secure website you can trust. Giving the history that we have had in many years of the fire service and aviation related service we can now move forward.

Excited and continued support this site is now in full control and many new articles of content will be added. Its been a long time in the making and a passion of ours to do what’s needed. Many departments and manufacturers will be contacted by Fire and Aviation TV with fire division for this website and the industry all together. Plans and events already starting to book up for 2020 and most current December 2019. We look forward to meeting you and covering your department and to all manufacturers within we can’t wait.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 11/18/19


Never did we think many events including the departure of this site for a few years would ever happen. Change, yes it’s a big thing that happens to everyone even though many of us do not like that. Its something us older generation find ourselves saying many things we never thought we would. Including 9/11/01. Come September 11 2020 will be 19 years. We still remember it as fresh as the other day.

Words can not express the feelings at times and this among being there the day before. Being a firefighter serving the ranks in Fire and Rescue the passion of bringing back this site on a whole new level. Yes, we wish changes never happen, but they do. Some of our decisions are not always the right ones whether its personal or political. We try and stay out of politics therefore none of our content is political or otherwise. We print what matters and our passion runs high.

This website along with our new company will be sharing pictures among stories and events. We have much to share with you and all in time will be added to our site. Feel free to join us at twitter as this social media is one of the best up to the minute forms of media Fireandaviation .

In the most recent years, we have lost some great people. Brotherhood is a strong bond in the fire and rescue service. With that said recently losing another very close long-time friend it’s that alone that pushed me as editor to move forward and bringing this site back. More to this and supporting different causes and training to come. As of right now Hurricane Dorian is still affecting the east coast so in due time, we will be back this month adding more and more content.

Source FDANDRESCUE.COM 09/05/19