March 21, 2020 Statement

Courtesy Fire and Aviation TV

Due to current worldwide situation with the Coronavirus the last thing anyone could even imagine millions of fire and rescue resources are stretched beyond normal limits. To all first responders and health care workers god give you the strength to get through this and we will. We ask you to adhere to the stay home and other ordinances in your area. This world has been turned upside down in a global pandemic beyond belief.

Furthermore, Fire and Aviation .TV that now owns this site can not continue with updates on this site at this time. We will however in the next 30 days when possible do a complete overhaul of layout as of right now there are far more important tasks we need to attend. As editor of this site all future contacts and business and events have been suspended until further notice.

For all media and notices see our companies Facebook page Fireandaviation.TV and you can also see our twitter account Fireandaviation TV. You can also google our links of for some reason you can not find us. Please stay safe stay healthy

Source Fire and Aviation TV / 03/21/20