Clean Cab Cancer Prevention Program

CCCP Program is something we began sharing for the Fire and Rescue community from Fire and Aviation TV. Far too many years have gone by where firefighters have been notified they have cancer. It is the number 1 cause for deaths in the fire rescue service today. For many it’s personal in many ways. We are here to educate your department and cities with due time to showcase various apparatus of Clean Cab Concept.

Many departments have noticed this very serious situation for which we applaud and thank them for taking necessary action. In 2019 we have noticed more manufacturers paying greater attention buy showcasing the clean cab designs. We have already begun our campaign to bring this to the attention of everyone. Your station house is the first thing that should be cancer clean and free. . There are older stations that might have asbestos and still operate today. Recent findings will get your station shut down or at least temporarily moved. Treatment of any mold and removal of asbestos is necessary. Is your station need of attention if so were here to assist you with the powers to be. (We have not duplicated anyone’s program or concept with this name)

Source Fire and Aviation TV


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